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Why You Need B2B Buyer Personas and How To Create Them with Affinio Data

Today, more and more B2B organizations are shifting to persona-based marketing campaigns to deliver custom communications. According to eMarketer, the concept of creating buyer personas – a fictional character to represent each customer segment – is now “playing a key role in the B2B sector.”

Why create B2B buyer personas?

With more audience data available than ever before and an ever growing marketing technology stack, knowing what data to use to create a persona can be a challenge for B2B marketers. However, B2B organizations know that they will not be successful, make sales, grow accounts, and generate new leads, if they don’t understand their customers intimately. By segmenting your customers you can understand the different needs of each segment and then tailor your approach to connect with them. Well-crafted buyer personas provide rich, actionable insights on who your ideal customer is and provide a consistent reference point when:

  • Creating content
  • Providing customer service
  • Building new product features
  • Developing specialized sales & programs
  • Prospecting
  • And more!

What to include in personas

Robust personas should include a blend of quantitative and qualitative data and should feel like you invited a real person into your boardroom and asked them everything you need to know to make a sale. This includes:

  • Basic demographics (age, gender, location, job, etc.)
  • Challenges/pain points/objections (how would your product overcome their issue?)
  • Interests/influences (what individuals do they find influential?)
  • Preferred media/communication (what channels do they get their information from?)
  • Language and topics of conversation

How to create personas

So how can you collect the insights needed to create a robust, data-driven buyer persona? At Affinio, our platform makes collecting data for persona-building easy by blending psychographic and demographic audience insights. As a B2B SaaS company ourselves, we use our solution every day to grow our business (learn more about our strategy here.)

However, here are a couple of other methods we use to craft the perfect persona:

1. Talk to your customers

Your customers are a great source of intel. These are the individuals who have already decided they like you and can help them in some way. Not every customer is a perfect fit, but spending the time to understand their mindset can help you reach the right fit next time round.

2. Talk to your sales team and employees

Your sales team and employees are on the front line and hear first hand from current customers, past customers, and prospects what they love about your company and what they don’t. They also have first-hand familiarity with common objections customers have as well as an understanding of the services and features they love.

3. Leverage Affinio insights

“(Affinio) Greatly helps in audience segmentation to build personas and develop social content.”G2Crowd user review.

Affinio offers many report types and solutions that can be used to build perfect personas across multiple channels. We ingest and analyze third party data sets including Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as your own first party data (CRM, survey, etc.) to reveal actionable audience insights in a comprehensive, highly visual report.

For example, our LinkedIn reports offer unparalleled insights into the business professionals of today. In only a few hours we can uncover unique audience characteristics such as their career profile, their top-ranking skills, job titles and functions, as well as what interests them.

No matter what report type you choose, you’ll uncover actionable insights to inform your buyer personas needed to succeed.

Interested in creating your own B2B buyer personas with Affinio insights? Get in touch.