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[CASE STUDY] How Affinio Insights Unearthed the Audience of Planet Earth II

We are excited to share that we recently collaborated with BBC Worldwide on a joint case study. BBC Worldwide utilized Affinio to validate who the audience of their award-winning documentary series, Planet Earth II, was and why they were interacting with the series.

Planet Earth II premiered in the UK in late 2016 and attracted an audience of over 12 million viewers. Getting to the heart of this audience and understanding who they are, beyond basic demographic and viewing numbers, posed a significant challenge for the BBC. Mike Scull, Insight Executive for Global Brands at BBC Worldwide, shared, “Having transcended the Natural History genre with record-breaking UK audience figures and an amazing public reception we were desperate to understand the engaged Planet Earth II audience through a social lens and Affinio proved to be the perfect ally in doing so.”

Affinio was used by BBC Worldwide and the BBC Earth brand team to analyze anyone on Twitter who was mentioning the show during its premiere. The BBC was able to understand who those audiences were and draw insights to inform future strategies. Mike explains that seeing who the fans were, and their interests outside of the documentary series, was surprising and forward-looking:

“Affinio helped us identify a number of unexpected audience segments engaging with Planet Earth II that we wouldn’t traditionally associate with Natural History content. Vitally the Affinio platform went way beyond simply identifying these groups by highlighting exactly how they behave, and what they interact with, in their own personal social environments. These learnings mean we are now in a real position of strength to nurture and grow these type of audiences moving forward. Moreover, they couldn’t come at a more important time with the launch of Blue Planet II later in 2017.”

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About Mike Scull:

Mike is the Global Brands Insight Executive at BBC Worldwide where he is responsible for using data to better understand the audiences of BBC Worldwide’s key brands and titles to ensure they are at the heart of all future strategy.

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