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The 5 Photos Travelers Share Most on Twitter

Food, concerts, sunsets, selfies. . . what are travelers sharing most on their feeds?

The images an audience shares can provide a world of insight to marketers and brands. The personal photos travelers share on their social feeds reveal what inspires them and what content means the most to them – the perfect insights for brands to unlock and act upon their passion points. These insights can be used to drive strategy, content decisions, campaign choices, and more.

Affinio – the global audience strategy platform – analyzed the images shared by travelers across Twitter and clustered them into thematic photo collections.

To do this, Affinio’s clustering algorithm analyzed an audience of 7,292 individuals who follow Lonely Planet, the largest travel guidebook publisher in the world, and self-describe with the keyword “Traveler” on Twitter.

Here are some of the top image groupings:


Image: Affinio’s Image Explorer – Food Grouping

Travelers and foodies unite! The top thematic grouping identified in our Affinio analysis was of course… food! Afterall, one of the best parts of traveling is experiencing local culture and cuisine.


Image: Affinio’s Image Explorer – Water Grouping

Beaches and waterscape were also a popular thematic grouping identified in the Affinio analysis. Who doesn’t love the beach, right?!


Image: Affinio’s Image Explorer – Text Grouping

The travel-seeking individual also shares a lot of inspirational quotes on their social feeds, so much so that “quotes” appeared as a thematic group. For brands and content creators, this is a great indication of what type of content you should be creating to reach your audience.


Image: Affinio’s Image Explorer – Landscape Grouping

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing something new – new countries, cities, and of course, the best landscapes mother nature has to offer!

Social Drinks

Image: Affinio’s Image Explorer – People Grouping

The last thematic grouping identified by Affinio was photos of travelers getting social, having some drinks, and making memories!

Before you can grow your audience, you need to know your audience. These are the top images travelers are sharing… if you’re planning on targeting the travel junkie, make sure to take these creative insights into account.

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