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[Product Update] Koala Release

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Hannah Chapple

Koalas are small, cute, and fuzzy marsupials native to Australia and are known for their coordination and energy conservation habits. Koala – Affinio’s July Product Update — will introduce the ability to recycle report queries, a redesigned report builder, and other usability enhancements to enhance your Affinio experience.

Recycle Report Queries

Koalas love to conserve their energy and sleep for over twenty hours a day, which means when they are awake, they make the most of their time. Like the Koala, we know time is at a minimum for our customers – the faster you can access new insights, the better! That’s why we are introducing Recycle Queries which will allow you to use an existing report as the basis for a new one to achieve a quicker workflow. To use Recycle Queries, simply choose which report you’d like to use, and Affinio will auto-populate the report builder.  

Report Builder Redesign

Koalas are highly coordinated animals that are able to jump from tree to tree easily. Drawing inspiration from the Koala, we have made improvements to our Report Builder so you can enjoy a simplified, easy-to-use experience. The improvements made to Report Builder include:

  • New headers and instructions
  • A URL filter for Tweet Content reports
  • The ability to edit Tweet Content queries
  • Exposed advanced options in the Audience Summary panel

Other Usability Improvements:

Koalas may be small marsupials, but they are known for their strength and muscular frame. We’ve made a couple of minor usability updates to the Affinio platform; although small, like the Koala these updates will strengthen your user experience.  
As part of the Koala update, you will now be able to see a recap of the full audience query of a report without having to load it (simply click on the “i” icon in your report list.) Another recent improvement is that we’ve applied tags to some of the most common interests previously indexed as “uncategorized.” You’ll find the Tags index in the Interests section alongside the mosaic. Tags can be used to quickly sort or search through interests. You will also be able to display up to 100 (vs. standard 20) tracked hashtags, mentions, and keywords in the Content output of your report. Lastly, we’ve made two changes to our Report Exports: Emojis are now supported in screenshots, and you can download an SVG file of a report’s Network Graph so you have the flexibility of applying it to any background or scaling up its size.

We hope you’re excited about all of our new Koality features! All of the features listed above are now available in the Affinio platform. Keep an eye out for more updates and articles on our Blog!


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