Affinio is an award-winning marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumer.

We empower the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies, and publishers to redefine the way they research, plan, and execute marketing strategies.

Our story

From smartphone tethering and lobster scanning to machine learning and big data analysis, Affinio spun out of an R&D lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia that spent its time developing solutions for some of the world’s hardest problems. Clean energy, sustainable fishing, remote data access – these are just some of projects we’ve explored.

We found that all of these verticals had similar challenges – finding the right customers for their products or services. As an experiment, we applied our machine learning to advertising to see if we could read and predict who would click on ads.

The result was Affinio.

We founded Affinio because we believe that understanding people at a deeper, richer level than ever before will fundamentally change how we relate to each other.

Officially established in 2013, today we are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals, spread across the world. Headquartered on the East Coast of Canada, we have satellite offices in Toronto, New York City, and Dublin.


Our core values


Make Affinio the best it can be by being the best you can be.


Earn trust by being trustworthy. Be honest and selfless.


We win as a team, not as a group of individuals


Treat others how you’d like to be treated – including our team, customers, and partners.


We are all human. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and accept responsibility when you do.

Our founders

Tim Burke

Co-Founder, CEO

Stephen Hankinson

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Phil Renaud

Co-Founder, VP of Engineering

Ardi Iranmanesh

Co-Founder, Revenue Operations

Connect with us

2737 Joseph Howe Dr, 2nd Floor,
Halifax, Nova Scotia


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