The media and entertainment industry is in a constant state of transformation. New experiences, brands, and platforms are continuously entering the market, leaving consumers with endless options. To compete and stay relevant, players in the industry must design their business around and for their fans.

Stay on Top of Campaigns and Trends

Implement data-driven campaigns to increase ticket sales, viewership, subscriptions, and more. Monitor how audience interests change to ensure relevant communications.

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Understand Fans and Audiences

Get a deep understanding of any group of fans or audiences, including the audiences of TV shows, movies, events, and celebrities, through their behaviors, interests, and affinity patterns.

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Drive Advertising Sales

Use quantifiable behavior and affinity data to provide the most compelling advertising opportunities to potential customers. Stand out from the competition with a uniquely keen understanding of your own audiences and how best to reach the target audience of your customer.

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Create Emotion-Driven Content and Experiences

Develop promotional content and deepen the brand-to-consumer relationship by understanding what already resonates with key audience segments including high-affinity content and publications, keywords, hashtags, images, influencers, and other media.
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Identify the Best Activation Channels

Use a data-backed approach when exploring relevant partnerships, activation channels, and influencers. Get a clear understanding of which brands, celebrities, and media properties influence key audience segments.

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The Affinio Difference

Unlocking the power of consumer data at the world's leading companies

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