Targeting the Full Range of Crypto Investors

February 3, 2022

By Jackie Davies, Marketing Manager

Part Two of the "Mining the Crypto Community" Series

2021 was the year crypto exploded: one out of every ten people have now purchased digital coins and the investment ranks fourth most popular after real estate, stocks, mutual funds and bonds. As crypto enters the mainstream, we’ve created a series called “Mining the Crypto Community”, to help brands understand this fast-growing audience and take advantage of this massive opportunity. 

Part one of the series shed light on this diverse audience’s demographics and what defines them beyond their interest in the currency. To unearth these insights, we used Affinio’s graph technology which ingested the followers of the top cryptocurrency handles on Twitter, and then segmented them into clusters based on their similar interest patterns. This allowed us to conduct a deep-dive into each of the crypto subcommunities and identify emerging trends on the social graph. 

Here’s how the crypto community broke out: 

You can see by looking at the network graph above that a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for the stereotypical “male millennial” is not going to work to engage the different subcommunities of crypto investors. 

In part two of this series, we look to answer the question “how do I target/reach these communities?”.  For brands and agencies, beyond understanding the target audience, it comes down to ROAS and high-efficiency targeting.

To figure this out, we examined the three largest crypto clusters and leveraged our affinity engine to identify the key community interests, influencers and highest affinity media channels to develop a holistic media buying strategy. With these insights, brands can create data-driven marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to resonate. 

Some influencers are more obvious than others, like crypto journalist Laura Shin, whereas influencers like Ben Baller, a famous Korean-American jeweller, could easily be overlooked if it weren’t for our affinity engine. Using this toolset, we were able to easily identify that he is the top niche influencer for the Football Fans, Gamers, and College Students cluster, a critical group within this audience and a wholly unique angle likely being untouched by your brand’s competitors.

Beyond the overall interests of individuals in each of the communities, we’re able to drill in and uncover the media channels, publishers and outlets that resonate with each group. This allows marketers to take a data-driven approach to their media buying instead of just “spraying-and-praying”. By identifying the top affinity media and publisher channels, marketers have a higher likelihood of reaching these target audiences in these crypto communities.  

When it comes to picking media outlets, Affinio points out the channels that are both most relevant to your audience and to which they have the highest affinity, and surfaces the outlets that are smaller but more unique to them. For example, the “Political News Junkies” are showing a high relevance towards NPR podcasts, whose account has over 8 million followers, but they are showing a higher affinity towards “Squawk on The News”, a news channel with 250K followers. Advertising on NPR might reach a bigger audience, but “Squawk on the News” is going to reach more members from the “Political News Junkies audience”, potentially making them the better choice for conversion ROI.

In addition, Affinio’s technology enables marketers to target any of these clusters at scale through Affinio’s automated “behave-alike” technology that creates larger scale enriched audiences on Twitter that are ready for activation. You can learn more about our audience activation and targeting solution here.

If you’re interested in finding niche influencers and media channels, or if you want to activate our enriched crypto audiences directly on Twitter, sign up below

In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring how these currencies stack up in each cluster, how to personalize content that will resonate with these communities, and which clusters are most likely to engage with your content.

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