ATON = Aid to Navigation

ATON was engineered and architected to ingest infinite amounts of information from across your first-party data infrastructure exposing previously unthinkable or unknown insights that unlock new value and opportunity.

Democratizes Data Science

ATON puts the power of AI at the fingertips of analysts and business users.

Privacy-First and Infosec Secure

  • ATON generates aggregate insights in a visual layer that doesn’t expose PII, providing a security layer between the end-user and the sensitive PII data they need to analyze.
  • ATON can be deployed as a containerized solution to any enterprise cloud for full infosec confidence.

Speed to business decisions

  • Visualization powers collaboration on enterprise goals
  • Insights are surfaced within minutes instead of weeks
  • Ease of use means quick learning curves for business users

AI Insights Dashboard

Affinio delivers a standardized visual rendering of key metrics in an easily digestible way, enabling business users to see at-a-glance all insights that ATON surfaces so they can make fast, strategic decisions.


All insights can be connected back to other applications from product to marketing. ATON is the direct result of listening to the challenges and concerns that enterprise data science teams face today. ATON empowers non-data scientists to answer business critical questions, whenever and however they need to.

ATON Deployment and Data Access

ATON can be hosted by Affinio or enterprises can choose to deploy ATON on their own private cloud, eliminating the need to send private data outside their secure data environment.  ATON can access data from any enterprise source including data lakes, databases, DMPs, CDPs, CRMs, etc.
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ATON can ingest infinite amounts of information from across your entire first-party data infrastructure.


Your data, in your control and from every facet of your business.


Powering insights that drive strategies for competitive advantage.

Revealing hidden insights at the world's biggest companies

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