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Affinio Social is our original heritage product that unearths connections in social APIs to fuel marketing strategy. This is our ATON offering on third-party data. Segment audiences on Twitter or Reddit to build personas, uncover media placement, or study competitors.

Digital Ethnography

Go beyond demographic segmentation to elicit true interest-based consumer personas at the speed of culture. Affinio Social provides a modernized and scalable approach to understanding behaviors without the delays and bias of traditional market research.

Global Availability

Explore data sets that span the globe to learn about your new and existing markets without leaving your desk. Easy enough to use and interpret, our highly visual approach lets you share insights across your worldwide offices.

Beyond Listening

Affinio Social puts authors at the forefront, whether they actively engage or tend to ‘lurk’. Gain full perspective on the interest behaviors of the silent social majority. Or use it to complement social listening outcomes by segmenting and personifying engagers.

Actionable Insights

Leverage Affinio Social through your full campaign workflow. From identifying clusters to target, to studying image and content trends that drive creative, to uncovering media preferences for placement.

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Affinio has become an integral component of our customers’ marketing initiatives.

Affinio's Social platform provides a nice starting point for understanding our consumers and looking at the landscape of who we’re trying to speak to.

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Insights at the end of the day, are the currency that we operate on. Affinio really opens the door to let us see some of those new insights.

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It's only with tools like Affinio that you can really get the same values you would've got from research. It's only with tools like Affinio that provides genuine insight.

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Affinio helps us understand who our consumer is, their relationship to culture, and Affinio’s cluster analysis helps us get to insights quickly. The self-serve interface democratizes access to rich data, meaning you don’t need to be a data scientist to benefit.

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